Introduction to communication concepts in a professional context (Week 1)

Effective Communication

Communicating brings us closer and creates a platform to understand each other as it is considered as a transaction between two or more individuals (Eunson 2012). Effective communication means conveying information and making the receiver understand it in the way the sender intended. In order to communicate well the proper skill required is not limited to just good speech but requires knowledge about sign language, stress management and asserting oneself. Communication is successful only when the sender and receiver understands the same information ( Hereford n.d.).

Fig: General Ideas                                                                                     Source: Pinola, M 2014

The more we communicate in a group, the better the experience we have. Social conversation helps to evolve our personal communicating comfort level, develop trust and respect and also helps to accomplish goals (Robinson, Segal & Smith, 2015). This type of involvement provides wide range of information and experience about different cultures and their way of communicating which could be used as a skill later for effective communication .

One should have the proper ability to express one’s ideas and experience in order to assist and establish oneself. This is where having good communication skill can help considerably in presenting the best of what they have got. Many jobs including sales, marketing and business is mainly about communicating (Eunson 2012).

In order to communicate effectively one needs to understand the purpose and intent of the message. Proper eye contact and active listening is equally necessary. The emotional state should be stable and presented in a polite manner. The inability to communicate properly holds a person back not only in professional field but also in personal matters. Thus, effective communications broadly means to make understand and be understood ( Hereford n.d.).


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