The medium and the message (Week 3)


Different people prefer different ways of communicating. In this age of technology the more emphasis is seen in communicating using various means of technology (Eunson 2012). In order effectively communicate we should know which medium is the best and is relevant to the situation regarding the subject matter. Face to face communication, Email, SMS, or phone call are a few of the commonly used mediums.

                    Fig: Communicating Mediums                               Source: Sheninger (2013)

Face to Face: In face to face conversation, both the involved individuals i.e sender and receiver are present and they share opinions and views directly. It is the most effective medium. In a survey it was found that people tends to buy more DVDs their friends recommend rather than advertisements (Leskovec 2007).

Phone call: This is the age of mobile phones. We can communicate on a topic with the person concerned. Marketing business, sales department and various other sectors use it to sell their products and advertise. Business proposals and meetings can be arranged over phone calls.

Email: Electronic Mail (Email) is perhaps the easiest and cheapest medium for communicating. Business and academic firms used it to be in touch and deliver information among its participates. Email is mainly used for concrete requests, factual responses, specific questions (Anderson 2009). We can attached multimedia files, reports and many more by using its attachment feature.

Social medias: It is a venue created by various websites where different people come together to share their achievement, success or simply interest. Some of the most popular media are Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter etc (Moreau 2015). It has created a platform to bring people close to each other and know what they are up to.

Every medium is equally effective for communicating. It depends upon the situation and the way the whole conversation is presented.


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