Writing for understanding ( Week 6)

Qualities Of Good Writing

Writing involves the use of symbols that includes alphabets, signs etc to express one’s thoughts and emotions to the reader. Communication in written form is used more compared to oral form at the time (Coulmas 2015). This gives us idea about how popular writing is nowadays. Writing makes it better to understand and extract the key points. A well written and structured piece of writing reflect the knowledge of the writer and his/her ability to express their emotions as well as level of understanding to the reader. A well written writing should be readable, focused, concrete, suited for its audience, compelling and passionate (Handley 2013).

Fig: Importance of structured writing                 Source: Plainlanguageaustrlia.com

 Writing reflects knowledge and understanding of the writer. A good piece of writing is just more than putting ink to the paper (Eunson 2012). I believe what we write should be able to express what we intend it to deliver. A good writing serves the reader rather than the writer. We may come across various stages where we need to present ourselves through the means of writing. For instance forwarding a resume or assignment which includes essays, report, blog etc. Good writing answers the questions of the reader in a flowing style. It clearly identifies the key points which are well presented in the text so that it would not be tricky for the user to extract the idea. Writing is a tough task to do as it demands editing and continuous determination from the writer.

Developing the habit of writing evolves the skill of clarity and attention to detail in the person.


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